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Honors Conference Presentation

Posted by: Sara Paccione | April 6, 2011 | No Comment |

For the conference, I currently plan on modeling my presentation on part of the Barthes quote mentioned under my name on the “Thesis Titles” document that Prof. Buell sent out. Roland Barthes, in describing Cinemascope, says that

The stretched-out frontality becomes almost circular; in other words, the ideal space of the great dramaturgies. Up until now, the look of the spectator has been that of someone lying prone and buried, walled up in the darkness, receiving cinematic nourishment rather like the way a patient is fed intravenously. Here the position is entirely different… I move effortlessly within the field’s range, I freely pick out what interests me, in a word I begin to be surrounded, and my larval state is replaced by the euphoria of an equal amount of circulation between the spectacle and my body.

I plan, similarly to what I did in my paper, to apply this quote to both movies and video games and to describe how the experiences offered by these two media are both different from and similar to each other. Like my paper, I will also focus on movies and games in the fantasy genre and why this genre has become so important in these media. In the presentation, I will likely focus on one movie or movie series and one game or game series. However, I am not yet sure which ones would be the best examples to use, although I have narrowed it down to a few (some likely choices are movies such as Star Wars and/or The Lord of the Rings and game series such as The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy).

I am also not sure exactly how we will be including visuals (whether we use them in individual presentations or as parts of a montage, or both), but I would like to include some sort of image or video, considering the media that I am focusing on are both very visual.

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